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Do you wish to publish your paper or thesis in HBO Kennisbank?
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Everyone has to deal with copyright. As a student, when you create a paper and list the sources used; as a lecturer when you want to post materials on the ELO and are not sure if that is allowed; or as a researcher when you want to publish an article.
On this website, we provide information on copyright, citations and source citations according to APA, publishing and plagiarism.

If you have a question that you were unable to find an answer to, or if you would like personal advice, please send an e-mail to our mailbox(opens in new tab). We will then contact you as soon as possible.

Copyright FAQ

Publishing FAQ

Windesheim supports the open access principle whereby theses, teaching materials, professional publications and research publications are made freely accessible to society and may be reused. The Executive Board has therefore adopted the Publication Guidelines in 2014. This regulates how Windesheim handles its own (research) publications and that processes are facilitated.

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