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Mission of the Mediacentrum

    The Mediacentrum, the institute’s central library, improves the information and research skills of both students and education and research teams. In doing so, the Mediacentrum advises on the use of internal and external educational content, which it also finds, produces and provides.

    The starting point is that students who begin or continue their development into valuable professionals at Windesheim are capable of finding, processing, assessing and using relevant information in the daily practice of their study and their professional field.

    We realise this mission by:

    • focusing on the autonomy of our users in our business operations and enhancing it where necessary;
    • offering a wide range of products and services in the fields of knowledge and information provision;
    • organising and offering facilities and reports with which study programmes can stand the test of accreditations relating to proper information provision to students;
    • supporting students and staff in learning together and individually, online and offline, on or off campus, at home or abroad. To do so, we offer a hospitable physical library on the campus with an up-to-date education and research collection and well-equipped (group and silent) study places. The digital information is available 24/7;
    • providing knowledge and knowledge products of students, lecturers and researchers, both at Windesheim and externally for the region and the professional field;
    • facilitating and advising on/enforcing (open-access) publications in terms of copyrights;
    • facilitating personal learning with the innovative creation of audiovisual educational content. In doing so, we advise, coach and train lecturers as well as students;
    • in addition to these activities, which we are used to do doing, whether within the framework of legislation or as part of our core business, we seek to keep everything we do up to date, in close cooperation with our educational partners, and to continually make changes where possible or necessary. We will also continue to innovate, preferably together with colleagues from other services, with lecturers and researchers from the educational field, and with external partners, where appropriate. We do this upon request or at our own initiative.