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Lean Library

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Are you looking for information on the internet? Then download the Lean Library(opens in new tab) browser extension and find out if you have access via the Mediacentrum.

How does it work?

Lean Library shows you which online books and journals you can access from the Mediacentrum. If you find an online article or book you can access via the Mediacentrum, you will see a pop-up and, after logging on as a Windesheim student, you can click through to the full text of the publication.

If you do not have any access via the Mediacentrum, Lean Library checks automatically whether the information is available elsewhere.


Say you are looking for the weekly newsmagazine Elsevier. You click on the link in the Google results list. The Mediacentrum has a subscription to the magazine. The pop-up with the link to the log-in data appears.

The same applies to e-books you find on the internet. You are looking for the book “Basisboek voor Kwalitatief Onderzoek” by Baarda. You click on the link in Google. The Mediacentrum has a licence to the e-book. The pop-up with the link to the log-in data appears.

Lean Library and WindeSearch

Lean Library offers an easy way to search for any word or sentence on the internet using the WindeSearch search engine.

  1. Select the word or sentence you wish to search for.
  2. Right click the word and select "Zoeken in WindeSearch".
  3. Your search is automatically entered in WindeSearch, the Mediacentrum search engine.


Downloading the extension is very simple. Go to in new tab) and click the Add to Chrome/Edge/Firefox/Safari button on the top right hand side.

After installation, select Windesheim as your library and benefit from easy access!

You can also use Lean Library on your iPhone or iPad by downloading the Academic Browser(opens in new tab) app from the App Store.

If you have any questions about using Lean Library you can contact Sander Zwier(opens in new tab).