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Exhibition Indrany Kuik

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    The Mediacentrum now features an exhibit of photographs by Indrany Kuik. Indrany works as a designer at the Health and Social Work department.

    Making, that is what we do as human beings. Because it is our ability to create that sets us apart from the rest of the universe. And why do we make? Because it allows us to bring our imagination to life, express our emotions and thoughts, and connect with others. It is a unique outlet for our souls.

    And that's why I make. I want to capture the world as I see it, its everyday beauty and impermanence. Following Immanuel Kant's theory, I look for objective beauty. Because beauty is not subjective, not dependent on personal preference, but a universal truth present in every object.

    For me, creativity is like an aesthetic, formless mass that you can mold into any form you want. And that is what I want to show, using my camera as a tool.

    Indrany's photographs are on display at the Mediacentrum through September. More of her work can be seen on Instagram(opens in new tab); you can contact her at in new tab).