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Exhibition Cuma Eser

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    In the corridor of building X0 (ground floor), there is currently an exhibition of work by Cuma Eser, staff member at On Campus Zwolle. The exhibition consists of paintings made using a traditional Turkish painting technique: ebru (marble painting).

    Cuma: Ebru (painting) is a big hobby of mine, it is like therapy for me. My first introduction to ebru art was 6 years ago at ebru studio HIRA in Ankara, but I was trained by Mr Okan Akin at his studio in Amsterdam. He is still active with teaching and artistic work.

    Cuma has volunteered on several projects in recent years. In his latest project, he painted with elderly people over 65 years old. Besides painting, writing is also a passion of Cuma's.

    Apart from Cuma's paintings, the exhibition also features works by two other Turkish artists. The exhibition will remain on display at X0 until mid-September 2023.